Arduino library to interface with Maxim DS1624 temperature sensor and memory


The DS1624 consists of two separate functional units: a 256-byte nonvolatile memory and a direct-to-digital temperature sensor.

The nonvolatile memory is made up of 256 bytes, accessed through the 2-wire serial bus.

The direct-to-digital temperature sensor allows the DS1624 to measure the ambient temperature and report the temperature in a 12-bit word with 0.0625°C resolution. The temperature sensor and its related registers are accessed through the 2-wire serial interface.

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Laser cat entertainer

My first project with Arduino and servo motors. The idea came after seeing online several electronic projects where tired humans found a way to entertain their cats. They tried with a solution with two requirements: a energy level comparable with the cats (close to infinity), and the ability to retain the cat attention. A laser moved by two little servo motors is a solution perfect for the human, and irresistible for the cat!

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